May 13th speakers: Luke Berchowitz and Max Staller


On Thursday May 13th, Dr. Berchowitz and Dr. Staller spoke about the role of RNA binding protein assemblies in function and the molecular basis for activation domain function, respectively.

Season 7, episode 1

How does regulated assembly of RNA-binding proteins confer function?

Dr. Luke Berchowitz, Columbia University

Acidity, hydrophobicity and disorder in transcriptional activation domains

Dr. Max Staller, University of California, Berkeley

Seminar time:

  • Chicago: 12 PM
  • New York: 1 PM
  • London: 6 PM
  • Paris: 7 PM
  • Moscow: 8 PM
  • New Delhi: 10:30 PM
  • Beijing: 1:00 AM (Friday)
  • Sydney: 4:00 AM (Friday)