August 20th speakers: Allan Drummond and Danfeng Cai


On Thursday August 20th Dr. Drummond and Dr. Cai spoke about novel ways to think about evolution in IDRs and the intersection of phase separation and transcriptional regulation.

Quantifying selection on unalignable sequences

Dr. D. Allan Drummond (University of Chicago, USA)

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The Drummond lab combines biochemistry, biophysics and cell biology to understand the physical basis of the cellular stress response, with a particular interest in how the associated machinery is conserved.

Drummond Group Website

Phase separation in chromatin organization and transcription control

Dr. Danifeng Cai (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

(currently Postdoctoral HHMI Janelia Research campus)

The Cai lab will open in spring 20201 and will focus on how biological complexity emerges and is controlled in context of transcriptional regulation.

Cai group website


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Delhi: 10:30 PM - Beijing: 1:00 AM (Friday) - Sydney: 3:00 AM (Friday)