Oct. 1st speakers: Hoi Sung Chung and Gonzalo Prat-Gay


On Thursday Oct. 1st Dr. Chung and Dr. de Prat-Gay spoke about single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of binding and aggregation in disordered proteins and molten globule-driven phase separation in viral factory assembly, respectively.

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Single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of heterogeneous binding and aggregation of disordered proteins

Dr. Hoi Sung Chung (National Institutes of Health)

Acting Section Chief, Single-Molecule Biophysics Section, Laboratory of Chemical Physics, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

The Single-Molecule Biophysics Section studies protein conformational dynamics using single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy. Dr. Chung’s work involves the characterization of conformational diversity associated with molecular processes using both thermodynamics and kinetic approaches.

For a recording of this talk please contact Dr. Chung

Chung Group Webpage

Molten globule driven liquid-liquid phase separation at the center of viral factory assembly

Dr. Gonzalo Prat-Gay (Fundación Instituto Leloir, Argentina)

Head of laboratory of protein structure-function and engineering

The Prat-Gay lab combines biochemistry, biophysics to understand the role of disordered proteins in the context of viral function and evolution

Prat-Gay Group Website


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