Sept 17th speakers: Ashutosh Chilkoti and Birthe Kragelund


On Thursday Sept 3rd Dr. Chilkoti and Dr. Kragelund spoke about rational design of artificial IDPs for tunable phase behavior and the interplay between membrane-proteins and disorder.

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Controlling Phase Behavior in Test Tubes and Cells by Artificial IDPs

Dr. Ashutosh Chilkoti (Duke University, USA)

Alan L. Kaganov Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering

The Cholkoti group uses biomolecular engineering and biointerface science to develop new molecular tools and technologies that borrow from molecular biology, protein engineering, polymer chemistry and surface science. These tools are then exploited for the development of applications that span the range from bioseparations, plasmonic biosensors, low-cost clinical diagnostics, and drug delivery.

Chilkoti Group Webpage

Orchestration of higher order complexes by disorder in membrane proteins

Dr. Birthe Kragelund (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Professor of Biomolecular Sciences, Structural Biology and NMR Laboratory, Department of Biology

The major expertise of the Kragelund group is in protein interaction, structure and function relationships investigated by NMR spectroscopy as well as in biophysics. A hallmark is a strong collaborative base with biology, medicine, and industry.

Kragelund Group Website


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