Nov. 5th speakers: K. Aurelia Ball and Richard Kriwacki


On Thursday Nov. 5th Dr. Ball and Dr. Kriwacki will speak the physical basis for proline-rich IDR interactions with SH3 domains and the phase behavior of the nucleolus, respectively.


Binding pathway of a proline-rich SH3 partner peptide from simulations and NMR

Dr. K. Aurelia Ball (Skidmore College)

Assistant Professor of Chemistry - Computational Biophysics Group

The Ball Lab studies using both simulations and NMR to understand the molecular basis of protein:protein interactions.

Ball Group Webpage

The Role of LLPS in the Diverse Functions of the Nucleolus

Dr. Richard Kriwacki (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)

Member, St. Jude Faculty of Structural Biology

The Kriwacki laboratory seeks to understand the molecular basis of regulation of cell division, apoptosis, and ribosome biogenesis, with special emphasis on the role of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) in these vital biological processes. We apply structural biology and biophysical techniques (NMR spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography, calorimetry, AUC, SAXS/SANS, single-molecule fluorescence, etc.), as well as biochemical and cell biological methods, to study the details of biomolecular mechanisms from the test tube to cells.bioinformatics.

Kriwacki Group Website


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