March 3rd speakers: Martha Cyert and Amy Gladfelter


On Thursday February 3rd, Dr. Cyert and Dr. Gladfelter spoke about how short linear motifs and regulate IDR-dependent molecular function and how bimolecular condensates can respond to temperature, respectively

Season 11, episode 2

Leveraging short linear motifs (SLiMs) to decode signaling by the calcineurin phosphatase condensates

Dr. Martha Cyert, Stanford University

Temperature sensitivity in biomolecular condensates

Dr. Amy Gladfelter, University of North Carolina

Seminar time:

  • Chicago: 12 PM
  • New York: 1 PM
  • London: 6 PM
  • Paris: 7 PM
  • Moscow: 8 PM
  • New Delhi: 10:30 PM
  • Beijing: 1:00 AM (Friday)
  • Sydney: 4:00 AM (Friday)