Dec. 3rd speakers: Martin Jonikas and Andela Šarić


On Thursday December 3rd Dr. Jonikas and Dr. Šarić will speak about the pyrenoid assembly

Structure, biogenesis, and engineering of the eukaryotic CO2-concentrating organelle, the pyrenoid

Dr. Martin Jonikas (Princeton University)

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Molecular Biology

The Jonikas Lab studies the pyrenoid, a phase-separated organelle that drives capture of carbon dioxide in eukaryotic algae.

Jonikas Group Webpage

Minimal models for amyloid formation and replication

Dr. Andela Šarić (University College London)

Associate Professor of Biological and Soft Matter Physics

The Šarić group uses computer simulations to study biological assembly. They examine how proteins assemble spontaneously into nanososcale structures that generate the molecular machinery of life.

Šarić Group Website

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