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Proteome-wide tools for disorder prediction


Here we include a non-exhaustive list of resources that may be useful for assessing if your favourite protein is disordered (or not). These resources are not predictors for an arbitrary sequence, but instead let you examine a naturally occurring protein to identify disordered regions.


May 21st speakers: Paul Robustelli and Thomas Boothby


On Thursday May 21st Dr. Robustelli and Dr. Boothby spoke about using simulations to understand molecular recognition and the physical basis for stress tolerance in tardigrades, respectively.

June 4th speakers: Sigrid Milles and Lucia Chemes


On Thursday June 4th Dr. Milles and Dr. Chemes spoek about studying IDPs using NMR and fluorescence spectroscopy, and how function is encoded into viral motifs in the E1A protein, respectively.

June 18th speakers: Tanja Mittag and Perdita Barran


On Thursday June 18th Dr. Mittag and Dr. Barran spoke about biophysical insights into the basis of liquid-liquid phase separation and applying mass spectrometry to obtain structural information on IDPs, respectively.

Sept 3rd speakers: Keren Lasker and Mart Loog


On Thursday Sept 3rd Dr. Lasker and Dr. Loog spoke about the complex sequence-to-function relationships in a phase separating bacterial protein and rational design of phospho-regulatory networks, respectively.

Oct. 1st speakers: Hoi Sung Chung and Gonzalo Prat-Gay


On Thursday Oct. 1st Dr. Chung and Dr. de Prat-Gay spoke about single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of binding and aggregation in disordered proteins and molten globule-driven phase separation in viral factory assembly, respectively.